Ezz & Saaedi is the leading international law firm covering Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Rak of U.A.E, since 1981 we are serving community.

As a featured law firm in U.A.E Dubai & Abu Dhabi & Cairo Egypt we enjoys an excellent international reputation and have a key network of international lawyers with whom we work, which is increasingly important for extradition, maritime and ship arrest or ship release, we maintain mutual legal assistance requests and international investigations into offences such as corruption, cartels, fraud and money laundering.

That’s why People come to us when they are in trouble. They trust us to advise them throughout each stage of investigations and deliver the best result for them.

Ezz law firm in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and U.A.E is open to multi culture lawyers; we have a room to international lawyers from Iran, India, All Europe, and USA to associate with us.

We are International Law lawyers

We offer a range of international legal & advocacy services to clients based in the UAE + Egypt and to those abroad with financial or business interests in the UAE + Egypt. They include:

  • Personal status law:- divorce, marriage, child custody advice for foreign nationals and their families wishing to acquire, manage or dispose of property or assets or file divorce, marriage claims in the UAE + EGYPT .
  • Inward & outward investment advice for UAE + EGYPT or foreign companies with international business interests or foreign companies with UAE + EGYPT subsidiaries.
  • Labor & visa advice for residents and non-residents seeking a move to the UAE + EGYPT and foreign businesses migrating a workforce. *
  • Litigation & Arbitration services, in particular covering construction, corporate, Rent, shipping disputes before the English High Court and in London arbitration, but also in respect of multi-jurisdictional disputes in most parts of the world.
  • International legal & advocate through our wide network of international contacts and wide reaching international knowledge.
  • intellectual property:- advice for clients with international portfolios of trade mark registrations.
  • Notary services:- when dealing with overseas matters.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of local and international law.

We have extensive international legal experience in Family Law, Corporate, construction, property, real estate, Immigration and Personal Injury. We also an Accredited arbitrators in Abu Dhabi Camber of commerce, and have represented numerous clients at police station as an arbitrator and solicitor  The Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC).