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Cairo, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dubai, VAT, Tax, Customs, lawyers | Tax law firm

As U.A.E. VAT Value added tax law will be implemented soon for the first time at the rate of 5% increasingly becoming complex for tax payers, businesses and individuals need specialist tax lawyers to enable them to identify the risks and opportunities, and to help them ensure compliance.

Egypt issued VAT Law no. 67 of 2016 on 7 September 2016 in the Official Gazette to be effectively applied from 8 September 2016.

Clients count on Saaedi & Ezz’s leading international tax team to develop practical solutions to complex cross-border tax issues arising during multijurisdictional transactions and multinational tax planning issues.

Our tax legal consultant Attorney. Ezz has the excellence award from tax authority in Cairo Egypt on 1981.

Cairo Egypt Tax evasion sanctions:-

Prison terms from three to five years

Penalty payment from EGP1, 000 to EGP10, 000 (approx. US$112 to US$1,120)

Payment of the VAT, Table tax and additional tax

Sanction to be folded if repeated within three years

Tax evasion considers person breaching honor and honesty

Tax evasion penalties as per United Arab Emirates law no 7/ 2017

1-         Without prejudice to any more severe penalty applicable under any other law, a prison sentence and monetary penalty not exceeding five times the amount of evaded Tax or either of the two, shall be imposed on:       .

  1. a Taxable Person who deliberately fails to settle any Payable Tax or Administrative Penalties.
  2. a Taxable Person who deliberately understates the actual value of his Business or fails to consolidate his related Businesses with the intent of remaining below the required registration threshold.
  3. a Person who charges and collects amounts from his clients claiming them to be Tax without being registered.
  4. a Person who deliberately provides false information and data and incorrect documents to the Authority.
  5. a Person who deliberately conceals or destroys documents or other material that he is required to keep and provide to the Authority.
  6. a Person who deliberately steals, mis-uses or causes the destruction of documents or other materials that are in the possession of the Authority.
  7. a Person who prevents or hinders the Authority’s employees from performing their duties.
  8. a Person who deliberately decreases the Payable Tax through Tax Evasion or conspiring to evade Tax.

2 – The imposition of a penalty under the provisions of this Law or any other Law shall not exempt any Person from the liability to pay any Payable Tax or Administrative Penalties under the provisions of this Law or any Tax Law.         .

3 – The competent court shall impose Tax Evasion penalties against any Person who is proven to have been directly involved or instrumental in Tax Evasion pursuant to Federal Law No. (3) of 1987 referred to.      .

Without prejudice to section (2) of this Article, any Person who is proven to have been directly involved or instrumental in Tax Evasion pursuant to section (3) of this Article shall be jointly and severally liable with the Person whom he has assisted, to pay the Payable Tax and Administrative Penalties pursuant to this Law or any other Tax Law.

As you see from the above mentioned law the matter is serious and has to be well handed.

Our team of tax & customs experts include legal consultants, attorneys, arbitrators, lawyers who have the experience for more than 40 years in tax practice, Our lawyers and legal consultants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo own deep knowledge and foresight to add considerable value to whatever kind of transaction you may be planning whether that be by investing in a company or reviewing remuneration structures to ensure they are tax efficient.

Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo tax & customs lawyers are contentiously advice on all aspects of customs & tax litigation and investigations, including negotiating with tax authorities.

Any misinterpretation of tax law and compliance may lead you to prison and losing plenty of funds, you have to consult the professional tax & custom experts to be safe and sound.

Our UAE & Egypt tax, customs law team is renowned for delivering creative and effective solutions to clients across a range of industry sectors.

We take care of owners of small and large companies, we advise a wide range of individuals and investors from venture capitalists to business angels.


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